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Introductions of new, tenure-track faculty members at Boston College

Ziqiang Wang

Asst. Prof. Ziqiang Wang (Physics) is a theoretical condensed matter physicist who has joined the Boston College faculty after three years as an assistant professor of physics at Boston University.

He earned his bachelor's degree at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China in 1984, and his doctorate in theoretical physics from Columbia University in 1989.

After graduating from Tsinghua, he emigrated to the United States and worked for a year as a post-doctoral fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory under Kevin Bedell, now the Physics Department chairman. He spent three years at Rutgers University as a post-doctoral fellow before joining BU.

Wang's research focuses on low-temperature behaviors of materials in which electron-electron interactions are very strong. These include superconductors and quantum magnets.

He is the author of over 30 published articles and was recently named a Cottrell Scholar by Research Cooperation in recognition of his accomplishment and commitment in research and teaching.

Wang is not teaching this semester, but will teach the graduate course Solid State Physics in the spring.

Lisa Feldman Barrett

Lisa Feldman Barrett has joined the Psychology Department as an assistant professor after four years in a similar position at Pennsylvania State University.

She researches emotionality and is working on determining what information people use when assessing their own emotional states. She also is looking at the consequences of emotional and non-emotional personalities in relationships and communication.

Barrett holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Toronto (1986) and a doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Waterloo (1992).

She has authored or co-authored six published articles and several book chapters.

She is teaching the undergraduate course Personality Theory, and has involved eight undergraduates in her lab.

Stephen Borgatti

Assoc. Prof. Stephen Borgatti (CSOM) joins the Organizational Studies Department after spending last academic year there as a visiting professor.

Borgatti's research interests focus on networks within and between companies. He develops mathematical models to detail how social networks function within organizations and how organizations relate to each other. He is also researching team capabilities and what factors make teams successful.

Borgatti has authored or co-authored over 20 articles in peer-reviewed journals and has developed commercial software. He serves as a reviewer for the National Science Foundation and several journals.

He began his academic career as a visiting lecturer in the University of California, Riverside's sociology department in 1989. Later that year, he joined the University of South Carolina, Columbia as an assistant professor of sociology and was promoted to associate professor in 1994.

His business employment includes two years as an associate and senior associate at Planning Economics Group in Woburn and four years as a management scientist and technical product manager at Management Decision Systems in Waltham.

Borgatti earned his bachelor's degree in anthropology from Cornell University in 1977 and a doctorate in mathematical social science from the University of California, Irvine in 1989.

He is teaching Introduction to Organizational Behavior to undergraduates and Research Methods to graduate students and undergraduates.

Barbara Brush

Asst. Prof. Barbara Brush (SON) is a nurse-historian interested in the international aspect of the profession.

She is documenting the history of the International Council of Nurses and has been researching nurse survivors of the Holocaust. Other areas she focuses her research on are immigration, refugees, race and culture and discrimination as they relate to the nursing profession. Many of the trends she examines have current policy implications, she said.

Brush earned a bachelor's degree in nursing from Southeastern Massachusetts University in 1979; a master's degree in primary care from the University of Pennsylvania in 1982; and a doctorate in nursing from Penn in 1994.

She spent the 1995-96 academic year as an assistant professor of nursing at Temple University, and was an adjunct assistant professor of nursing at Penn the previous year. She was a clinical lecturer at Penn from 1985-95.

Brush is an adult health nurse practitioner working with Beth Israel Hospital's home care/primary care program. She held similar positions in Pennsylvania from 1982 until this year.

She co-authored American Nursing: From Hospitals to Health Systems and has authored or co-authored nine articles in peer-reviewed journals. She is a reviewer for Sage Publications and for the journals Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Excellence for Nurse Practitioners.

She is teaching Clinical Decision Making to graduate students this semester.

Nasser Behnegar

Asst. Prof. Nasser Behnegar (Political Science) joins the Boston College faculty from St. John's College in Santa Fe, NM, where he taught in the Graduate Institute earlier this year.

He was a visiting assistant professor at Michigan State University in 1994-95.

His research focuses on the philosophical foundations of liberalism, particularly 17th and 18th century English political philosophy, and on 20th century political philosophy. He has written articles on Max Weber and Leo Strauss and is currently researching David Hume.

Behnegar holds three degrees from the University of Chicago: a doctorate in political science (1993); a master's degree in economics (1985); and a bachelor's degree in economics (1985).

He is teaching Political Basis of Capitalism, Fundamentals of Politics and a seminar on David Hume.


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