Delta Summary Issued To All Offices

By Sean Smith
Staff Writer

Project Delta has issued an executive summary of its recently completed direction statement to all Boston College offices, in preparation for a public forum to discuss the project's status.

Project Delta Executive Committee representatives will appear at the forum, which will be announced shortly, and respond to questions and comments from members of the University community. The project was launched last year to improve productivity, service and efficiency at the University.

Project Delta Manager James Kreinbring said the executive summary will help provide a basis for the forum and serve as a reference for employees in the coming weeks as several Delta initiatives begin. University offices each received several copies of the document, which also is available electronically at a World Wide Web site (/bc_org/evp/delta/dirsumry/).

"People are sure to have a number of questions about what's taken place so far and what will happen over the next few months," Kreinbring said. "The executive summary can certainly provide some answers and direction, but we felt there should be an opportunity to have a dialogue about Delta and its progress."

Last month, Project Delta announced the formation of design and implementation teams to devise operating models based on project guidelines. Three teams will address long-term issues in the areas of student life, faculty and staff support, and the management of campus facilities. Several other teams will work on smaller-scale, short-term projects, including: major systems and information technology infrastructure; compensation, training and human resources procedures; short-term financial initiatives; desktop resource management; and business review.

During the past few weeks, Delta Executive Committee members discussed the project in a series of meetings with vice presidents and other administrators in both the academic and non-academic divisions of the University.

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