Museum Exhibit To Open

In Print: Contemporary Artists at the Vinalhaven Press

A summer exhibition at the McMullen Museum of Art will spotlight the works of printmakers from a fine-art press and workshop in the island community of Vinalhaven, Maine.

"In Print: Contemporary Artists at the Vinalhaven Press," which will run from June 18 to Sept. 14, features 61 prints by emerging artists, some from painting or sculpting backgrounds, who have explored new directions in print media.

"The Vinalhaven Press each summer brings both internationally known and younger, emerging artists to work with master printers," said McMullen Museum Curator Alston Conley. "The aim is for painters, sculptors and other artists inexperienced in printmaking to explore the creative process by adapting their artistic methods to new materials. The resulting range of craft and invention is a credit to the collaboration."

Robert Indiana's 1986 etching and aquatint "Mother of Exiles" is among the works to be displayed at the McMullen Museum this summer.

"'In Print' is concerned with the artistic process of print-making: how aesthetic choices are made, who is involved, and what these decisions mean to individual prints, the character of the press, and the artist's entire body of work," said Aprile Gallant, curator of the exhibition, which was organized by the Portland Museum of Art.

"While new technology is changing the face of printmaking, shops like the Vinalhaven Press are continuing to broaden the use of traditional print media," Gallant said. "This trend will play an important part in developing a new focus for printmaking in the new milennium."

The exhibition, accompanied by a 96-page illustrated catalogue, features works by Jose Bedia, Grisha Bruskin, Mel Chin, Robert Cumming, Charles Hewitt, Robert Indiana, Komar and Melamid, Alain Paiement, Alison Saar and Peter Saul.

For further information, call the museum's "Arts Line" at ext.2-8100. Admission is free and open to the public.

-Mark Sullivan

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