Research Incentive Grant Winners And Projects
Are Named

Fifteen faculty members have been named winners of the annual Research Incentive Grants, according to Associate Academic Vice President for Research and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael Smyer, and two have been named alternates.

Winners and their projects in the College of Arts and Sciences are: Prof. David Karp (Sociology), "The Wounded Listener: Caring for Family and Friends With Emotional Illness"; Assoc. Prof. Deborah Levenson-Estrada (History), "Fantasies and Failures of Youth and Modernity in 20th Century Guatemala"; Assoc. Prof. Karen Rosen (Psychology), "Sibling Relationships in Early Childhood"; Asst. Prof. Claude Cernuschi (Fine Arts), "Oskar Kokoschka's Self-Portrait as Warrior and Expressionist Portraiture in Vienna 1900"; Asst. Prof. Juliana Chang (English), "By Making You Dream: Desire and the Asian American Poetic Subject"; Asst. Prof. Elizabeth Graver (English), "Kindling"; Asst. Prof. Scott Miller (Chemistry), "Shaking Hands on the Molecular Level: Discovery of a New Asymmetric Reaction"; Asst. Prof. Jennie Purnell (Political Science), "Peasants, Liberals and Revolutionaries in Oaxaca: The Impact of Local Experiences With the Privatization of Communal Lands on Peasant Partisanship in the Mexican Revolution"; and Ass t. Prof. Maxim D. Shrayer (Slavic and Eastern Languages), "Terrifying Magnetism: Modern Russian Writers Confront the Jewish Question."

Three winners were named in the School of Education: Assoc. Prof. Karen Arnold, "Shaping an American Elite: A Study of Generations of American Rhodes Scholars"; Asst. Prof. Lillie Albert, "Pedagogical Implications of Mathematical Problem Solving: A Vygotskian Model"; and Asst. Prof. Roger Worthington, "Investigating the Meritocratic Assumptions of the School-to-Work Transition Movement From a Psychological Perspective."

Winners from other schools are: Asst. Prof. Barbara Brush (SON), "Nurse Refugees and the International Council of Nurses: A Case Study of the Politics of Nurses' International Mobility"; Asst. Prof. Ganesh Krishnamoorthy (CSOM), "The Impact of Cascaded Beliefs and Cascaded Probabilities on Audit Judgments"; and Asst. Prof. Pamela Smith (Law), "The Imperfect Fit: Trademark Protection, Domain Name Pirates and the Internet."

In addition, two alternates were named and will receive grants should any of the winners decline them. They are Adj. Assoc. Prof. Andrew Tavarelli (Fine Arts), "Watercolors and Large Scale Paintings," and Asst. Prof. Jane Regan (Theology), "A Consideration of the Role of the Examination of Conscience in Contemporary Christian Life."

- Michael Seele

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