E-Mail Training Sessions Offered For MS Mail Users

Microsoft Mail users who will be switching to the IMAP electronic mail system in the coming weeks may sign up now for optional training sessions covering the new Simeon software.

Information Technology will offer the classes during the March 31-April 11 period, when all MS Mail users on campus will convert to the IMAP system. Jeanne Spellman, personal computing systems manager, said the training will be offered in two-hour sessions: 9-11 a.m.; 1-3 p.m.; and 2-4 p.m.

A World Wide Web page [http: //www.bc.edu/email.html] was created last week that lists the dates, times and locations of the training sessions and enables interested e-mail users to register for their desired sessions. Those wishing to sign up should click on the "Sign Up for Simeon Training" link, then choose between the Macintosh and PC options.

Spellman said the sessions will cover how to read, send, forward and reply to e-mail using Simeon. The sessions also will touch on some of the software's other capabilities, such as address books, distribution lists and folder-sharing.

Spellman said Tech Partners in all departments now using MS Mail will have undergone the training sessions before the start of the general classes. In addition, IT has set up a special e-mail support group that will be available during the conversion period through a new voice-mail option at the Help Center [ext. 2-4357].

Spellman stressed that individuals should not switch over ahead of their departments. Doing so would create two active e-mail accounts for the user, a possible source of confusion. Each department will set its own conversion date, Spellman added, and Tech Partners will work with IT to coordinate the process. Once a department has converted to Simeon, e-mail sent to all members of that department will be forwarded to their respective IMAP accounts, Spellman said.

Approximately 2,000 campus e-mail users will make the switch during the conversion period, she added.

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