Boston College Chronicle

March 27, 1997 Vol. 5, No. 14

Reaccreditation Process Enters Final Stages

Site visit completed

Fr. Leahy Issues Letter On Race Relations

Shared Vision

Jesuit Community offers Ignatian history to BC employees

PAPAL GREETINGS-University Chorale President Brigid Tobin is greeted by Pope John Paul II during the Chorale's recent trip to Rome as Chorale Director John Finney looks on. The Chorale sang at a Sunday Mass at St. Peter's Basilica, and performed for the pontiff during a public audience earlier this month. The Chorale also performed at other locations in Rome during the trip. (Photo by Lee Pellegrini)


Irish Programs To Be Housed At Connolly
Hume Optimistic On Peace
B.C. Leads Outreach at Allston School--One of three projects nationally
Benefit Planned for April
O.T.E. Retention Rate Tops 90 Percent--Services make the difference
A.H.A.N.A. Scholars Recognized for Excellence
Mendel Society Holds Conference On Bioethics
Program To Help Community Groups Get the Message Out
E-mail Training Sessions Offered for MS Mail Users
Research Incentive Grant Winners and Projects Are Named
Arnott To Archive Nobelist's Papers
West Says Race Issue Linked To Economy


A Healthier Diet for the Mind--In new book, Communication's Barry says 'visual intelligence' is needed to understand media's impact
Bopping Along--Student jazz ensemble BC bOp! marks 10th year with release of a commemorative CD next week
Photo: Washington Visit


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