Ticket Scofflaws' Cars Towed Under New Policy

The University will deny campus parking permit renewals to those who fail to pay parking fines and will subject their vehicles to towing under a new, tightened parking policy.

Vice President for Administration John T. Driscoll said employees with outstanding parking tickets must pay the full amount owed by Aug. 1. Those who fail to do so will be ineligible for a parking permit renewal for the 1997-98 academic year.

Driscoll also announced that the University has implemented a new towing policy. Any person who accumulates four consecutive unpaid tickets will be issued a warning by the Boston College Police Department. The letter will state that if the violator is issued a sixth parking ticket, his or her car will be automatically and immediately towed without further notification.

Tickets that are under appeal will not be counted toward the total, unless the appeal has been heard and denied, Driscoll said.

The new policy is intended to make the permit renewal and fine-collecting processes more efficient, he added.

"We are telling people, 'You have until Aug. 1 to deal with your parking tickets,'" he said. "Our feeling is that this is simply a way for the BCPD to clear up any unresolved business, rather than have to keep going back to the person and wait for a reply."

- Sean Smith

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