Lonergan Scholars Meet

The 24th annual Lonergan Workshop at Boston College June 16-20 drew 150 philosophers from a dozen countries for intensive study of the thought of the late Jesuit theologian Bernard Lonergan, SJ, who taught at BC from 1975 to 1983.

The workshop drew scholars mainly from the fields of philosophy and theology, but also from other disciplines, including political science and economics.

This year's workshop, titled "Redeeming the Time," honored Sebastian Moore, OSB, a Benedictine monk, poet and mystic who served as a chaplain at BC in the 1980s, and who returned from his current English abbey for the event.

"The workshop was extremely successful in focusing attention on the great Christian mystery of redemption and its significance to our lives today," said Assoc. Prof. Joseph Flanagan, SJ (Philosophy), director of the Lonergan Institute.

Assoc. Prof. Charles Hefling Jr. (Theology), a protege of Fr. Lonergan's, presented an address on redemption. Faculty leading individual discussion groups included Prof. Thomas Kohler (Law), Fr. Flanagan, Assoc. Prof. Patrick Byrne (Philosophy), and Assoc. Prof. Louis Roy, OP (Theology).

The papers and roundtables, on topics ranging from Fr. Lonergan's views of the theater to complicated metaphysics, offered a compelling and collegial mix for students, according to the event's director, Assoc. Prof. Frederick Lawrence (Theology).

- Mark Sullivan

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