8 Students Suspended For Bookmaking

Boston College announced on Jan. 10 that it has suspended for one year eight students for their involvement in illegal bookmaking activities.

Previously the University had suspended 13 players from the football team for their involvement in illegal betting activities.

The University's actions are based on information it received from the Middlesex County District Attorney's office, which had been asked by the University last November to investigate rumors of illegal gambling activity by football players.

Boston College President William P. Leahy, SJ, said, "These decisions indicate clearly that illegal betting - and particularly bookmaking - are unacceptable on our campus."

According to Kevin P. Duffy, vice president for student affairs and head of an internal committee charged with reviewing information provided by the District Attorney's office, "We realize that illegal gambling is an issue at Boston College, and we also know that the problem is not unique to us. We intend to have policies and programs in place on illegal betting and bookmaking before the start of the next academic year."

Based on information received from the Middlesex County District Attorney's office, Boston College has taken the following actions:

.The eight students who admitted to engaging in illegal bookmaking activities have been suspended from the University for one year, effective immediately. The students, all seniors, will not be allowed to return to Boston College at any time to complete coursework toward their degrees.

.Thirteen Boston College football players identified in November as participating in illegal gambling activity were declared ineligible for the final three games of the 1996 football season. The following sanctions are based on a review of the nature and extent of gambling activities and/or prior disciplinary histories.

- The University will petition the NCAA for an immediate reinstatement of the eligibility status of seven players. Each of the seven will receive disciplinary sanctions through the Office of the Dean for Student Development.

- For six of the football players, the University has decided not to seek, and will not seek in the future, reinstatement of their eligibility status. Three of those six football players have been suspended from the University - one for a semester, two for one year - and the University has revoked the scholarships of those three players, while three will be allowed to complete their coursework and graduate in May.

.Approximately 20 additional students (none of whom are members of the football program) have been identified as allegedly participating in illegal betting activity. Each of these students will meet with the Dean for Student Development for possible disciplinary action.


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