McGuinness is Harassment Counselor

By Sean Smith
Staff Writer

Vice President for Human Resources Leo V. Sullivan has named Associate Registrar for Records, Registration and Service Kathleen McGuinness as the University's harassment counselor. Her appointment was effective Jan. 1.

McGuinness succeeded Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Associate Dean Patricia DeLeeuw, who is supervising a major Project Delta initiative.

"We were looking for someone who could provide continuity, much in the same way Pat did when she assumed the position, and who can carry on the great work she has done," Sullivan said. "Kathy is well-recognized within the University community, is fair-minded and has excellent judgment. She understands the issues pertaining to harassment. With her solid academic and counseling background, we felt she would bring a lot to the job."

"Boston College believes in the importance of having an harassment-free campus," said McGuinness, who joined the University in 1990 as an assistant registrar. "The University has a clear policy: Harassment will not be tolerated. What's needed is someone whom people can approach if they feel there is a problem and I hope to fulfill that role."

Kathleen McGuinness. (Photo by Gary Gilbert)
As counselor, McGuinness will be available to anyone in the University community - faculty, staff or student - experiencing problems relating to possible sexual, racial or other form of harassment. She also will advise persons to whom harassment has been reported, as well as those who have been named in situations that may involve harassment. She will explain procedures used to confirm and resolve incidents of harassment, and work as necessary with University administrators reviewing grievances.

McGuinness will work with the University's Harassment Network, which consists of administrators, faculty, staff and students who are available to discuss harassment-related issues with members of the Boston College community.

"The University has been very successful in dealing with harassment situations," McGuinness said. "Pat DeLeeuw has done a superb job and will be a tremendous resource for me. In cases which involve potential harassment there are a number of avenues to pursue, but the main thing I want to stress is that people should feel free to come and simply talk about a concern. That is also a very important function of this office."

A former dean of students at St. Joseph's College in Philadelphia, McGuinness served as associate director for Community College Education at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., from 1984-89.

McGuinness' office is located in Lyons 112, and she can be reached at ext. 2-4976 or by e-mail at

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