A&S Awards Fellowships

College of Arts and Sciences Dean J. Robert Barth, SJ, announced recently that seven faculty members have been chosen to receive Faculty Fellowships for the 1997-98 academic year.

The winners and their project titles are: Prof. Paul Schervish (Sociology), "Identification and Association: The Spiritual Foundations of Caritas and the Empirical Dynamics of Charity"; Assoc. Prof. Elizabeth Rhodes (Romance Languages and Literatures), "Inscribing Radiance: The Spiritual Life Stories of Early Modern Spanish Women"; Assoc. Prof. John Rosser (History), "Archeological Survey of Grevena, Greece"; and Asst. Prof. Juliana Chang (English), "By Making You Dream: Desire and the Asian-American Poetic Subject."

Winners also include Asst. Prof. Matthew Restall (History), "Identity and Interaction: Maya, Spaniard, and African in Colonial Yucatan"; Asst. Prof. John Houchin (Theater), "Censorship of the American Theater from the Colonial Period to the Present"; and Asst. Prof. Elizabeth Graver (English) for her novel in progress titled Kindling .

In addition, two faculty members were selected as alternates for fellowships: Prof. Jenny Baglivo (Mathematics), "Statistical Modeling of Oyster Diseases in the Northeast," and Assoc. Prof. Benjamin Braude (History), "Routes to Racism: The Secret History of the Sons of Noah."

Faculty Fellowships provide full salary and benefits for faculty members wishing to be released from normal duties to pursue research during a given semester. They are granted to tenured and tenure-track faculty or full-time faculty who have been at Boston College at least five years. Criteria for awarding fellowships include: demonstrated competence in area of projected research; benefit of the research to the applicant's professional development; effect on the academic vitality of Boston College; and likelihood of scholarly publication.

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