E-Mail Shift Affects 1,500

By Michael Seele
Chronicle Editor

Many faculty and staff returning from the semester break have noticed a difference in their electronic mail. While the change may appear small to the user, it is a significant one that will improve service on campus.

According to Mary Corcoran, educational services administrator for advanced technology, about 1,500 faculty and staff IMAP e-mail accounts were moved from the two servers that accommodate students ("cleo" and "tony") and onto a new, third server ("Mail1") on Jan. 5. The result will be faster service for anyone who uses IMAP electronic mail. Microsoft Mail users are not affected.

Corcoran said the 1,500 e-mail users need to make a small change to the program that links their computers with e-mail. Instructions are available at a special Information Technology World Wide Web site.

Corcoran added that the transition from the old servers to the new one did not affect the content of users' accounts. All messages that were on the old servers were transferred to the new one. Additionally, users' correspondents may still reach them at their old e-mail addresses for 30 days before the addresses will be deactivated.

She added that all Boston College e-mail users should give "username@bc.edu" or "firstname.lastname@bc.edu" addresses to those who will be corresponding with them.

Corcoran said her office has received few questions from the affected users, indicating that the transition was smooth. Anyone with a question, however, should contact 2-HELP and select the special e-mail hotline from the voice menu.

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