On-line Data Bases Added

By Mark Sullivan
Staff Writer

The University Libraries have expanded their selection of academic journals available on the World Wide Web, allowing users to scan thousands of scholarly articles at the touch of a desktop keyboard.

Associate University Librarian Jeremy Slinn said three newly available data bases will enhance research opportunities and cut browsing time considerably, while saving valuable library shelf space by storing reams of copy electronically.

"It gives instant access to an enormous range of information and ideas at your desktop," said Slinn. "The level of intellectual access is much broader and more precise than random browsing."

One of the new data bases, a journal-storage system called JSTOR, offers complete runs of some three dozen titles in mathematics, environmental studies, the humanities and social sciences, including William and Mary Quarterly , American Political Science Review , American Economic Review and Speculum. The system offers the full texts of journals dating to their first issues.

Boston College is a charter subscriber to JSTOR, which eventually is expected to offer as many as 100 journals in their full runs.

Another service, the General Business File, indexes more than 1,000 journals in business and economics, and offers full text of the current issues of 460 titles. The service had been available only at the CD-ROM site in the library, but now can be consulted on computers campus-wide through the InfoEagle network.

A third service newly available is Project MUSE, an interdisciplinary data base containing the full texts of current issues of some 30 journals published by Johns Hopkins University, including the American Journal of Philology ; ELH , a journal of English literary history; and MLN, a modern-languages publication.

Links to the data bases, and information concerning other recent additions to University Libraries, can be found in the "What's New" section of the University Libraries' web site.

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