Boston College Chronicle

Feb. 13, 1997 Vol. 5, No. 11

Trustees Approve Budget, Tuition for '97-98

C.S.T.E.E.P. Study Says Kids Test Better On Computers.

American Paradox

We Embrace Immigration, But Often Make Scapegoats of Immigrants, Faculty Say
ON-LINE VALENTINE-Junior Claudine Pietrucha, left, watches as classmate Rachel Oberdorff makes a customized Valentine's Day poster at a special computer terminal in the Bookstore. (Photo by Lee Pellegrini)


B.C.P.D. Security Officers Finish Diversity Course
Student Reports Assault
Commission Seeks Comment On B.C.
King Recalled, Scholarship Awarded
S.O.E. Prepares Diversity Video for Future Teachers
$1M Gift To Support Planned Center
Faculty and Staff Can Create Their Own Web Pages
S.E.C. Chief Levitt To Speak
Hume To Address Laetare Sunday Communion Event
On-line Data Bases Added


The "Year 2000 Problem" -- BC computer programmers are working to solve one of the great puzzles of the Information Age
Not So Funny -- Sociologist Williamson uses editorial cartoons to trace the history and battles of the senior rights movement
Voices In the Purple Haze -- Underground radio wasn't all that radical, but it transformed the medium, says Keith in new book


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