UAPC Implementation

Members Of Six Task Forces Are Appointed

The committee charged with implementing the goals of the University Academic Planning Council's report has announced memberships of six task forces that will study specific areas.

The task forces will examine undergraduate teaching and learning, undergraduate formation, graduate and professional student life, research and graduate education, faculty development and internationalization. In March, each task force will propose specific plans of action in regard to its area.

The Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Task Force will develop proposals that emphasize rigorous intellectual development as a distinctive mark of a Boston College undergraduate education. It will be chaired by Carroll School of Management Associate Dean Richard Keeley.

Members include: Learning Resources for Student Athletes Director Kevin Lyons, First Year Experience Director Fr. Joseph Marchese, Prof. Richard Cobb-Stevens (Philosophy), Assoc. Prof. Kathy Dunn (Biology), Assoc. Prof. Frank Taylor (History), Assoc. Prof. Jean O'Neil (SON), Assoc. Prof. Brinton Lykes (SOE), Assoc. Prof. John Tierney (Political Science) and senior James Dowden.

Student Affairs Administrative Officer Nancy Goldsmith-Caruso and Assoc. Prof. Patrick Byrne (Philosophy) will co-chair the task force on Undergraduate Formation. It will develop initiatives aimed at enhancing the development of undergraduates' personal, ethical and religious growth, and increasing opportunitites for all students to grow spiritually.

Task force members are: University Chaplain Richard Cleary, SJ, University Counseling Director Thomas McGuinness, Housing Director Robert Capalbo, School of Education Assistant Dean for Students Sr. Maryalyce Gilfeather, Prof. Joseph Appleyard, SJ (English), Assoc. Prof. James Weiss (Theology), Assoc. Prof. Francis Soo (Philosophy), Assoc. Prof. Raymond Keyes (CSOM), Asst. Prof. Susan Chase (SON) and sophomore Kory Kramer.

Vice President for Student Affairs Kevin P. Duffy will chair the task force on Graduate and Professional Student Life, which will recommend measures to strengthen the infrastructure support for these students.

Other task force members are: Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Emily Mills, SOE Director of Graduate Admissions Arline Riordan, Graduate School of Social Work Admissions Director William Howard, Director of Enrollment Systems Rita Owens, Associate Dean for Student Development Ann Morgan, Law School Associate Dean Lisa Diluna, Assistant Housing Director Marianne Falzone, Associate AHANA Director Sheilah Shaw Horton, Assoc. Prof. Ned Rosen (Mathematics), Nursing graduate student Joan Agretelis and Carroll Graduate School of Management student Gregory Keswick.

The Research and Graduate Education Task Force will be chaired by Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael Smyer. It will propose measures to strengthen and support research and graduate education as central aspects of Boston College's mission.

Other members are: Research Administration Director Stephen Erickson, Prof. Robert Taggart (CSOM), Prof. Alan Richardson (English), Prof. Larry McLaughlin (Chemistry), Prof. Mark Brodin (Law), Prof. Ellen Winner (Psychology), Prof. Kay Schlozman (Political Science), Prof. Albert Beaton (SOE), Prof. Mary Duffy (SON), Prof. Anthony Maluccio (GSSW), Prof. Kevin Bedell (Physics), Prof. John Ebel (Geology), Assoc. Prof. Elizabeth Rhodes (Romance Languages), Institute for Scientific Research Director Leo Power, junior Dean Bell and CGSOM student Kathleen Haley.

The Faculty Development Task Force will be chaired by University Librarian Jerome Yavarkovsky. It will include: SON Associate Dean DeLois Weekes, Academic Development Center Director Suzanne Barrett, Prof. Marilyn Cochran-Smith (SOE), Prof. Jenny Baglivo (Mathematics), Assoc. Prof. Jeffrey Cohen (CSOM), Assoc. Prof. Michael Connolly (Slavic and Eastern Languages), Assoc. Prof. Peter Olivieri (CSOM), Assoc. Prof. Paul Spagnoli (History), Assoc. Prof. Gary Gurtler, SJ (Philosophy), Asst. Prof. Joseph O'Keefe, SJ (SOE), and Asst. Prof. Mary Bilder (Law).

The task force on Internationalization is charged with enhancing Boston College as an international institution. It will be chaired by Monan Professor of Education Philip Altbach and will include: International Programs Director Marian St. Onge, Foreign Study Program Director James Flagg, Assistant Dean for Student Development Adrienne Nussbaum, Prof. Donald Hafner (Political Science), Prof. Rebecca Valette (Romance Languages), Prof. Ali Banuazizi (Psychology), Prof. George Brown (Law), Asst. Prof. Catherine Bendheim (CSOM) and Adj. Asst. Prof. Hugo Kamya (GSSW).


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