McIntyre Named To State Panel

Gov. William Weld has appointed Senior Vice President James P. McIntyre to the board of the Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority.

McIntyre was appointed to a five-year term at MEFA, which provides financial assistance to Massachusetts college students.

MEFA is a non-profit state authority that provides low-interest loans to college students through several programs.

"College tuition has been growing at an unsustainable rate in recent years," McIntyre said. "This is an issue of great importance at Boston College and throughout higher education. That's why we're interested in looking outside the Univeristy for sources of funding and MEFA is one organization that can provide that for many students."

The MEFA board, McIntyre said, sets policy and authorizes the issuance of bonds to pay for its programs. Its members are from higher education, state government and private industry.


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