American Physical Society Elects Chemist Davidovits, Cites His Research

The American Physical Society elected Prof. Paul Davidovits (Chemistry) a fellow of the society at its recent meeting, in recognition of his research efforts and outstanding contributions to the field of physics.

The APS is an organization of about 41,000 physicists worldwide, and election to fellowship in the society is limited to no more than one half of 1 percent of the membership in each of its 14 divisions. Davidovits was selected as a fellow through the Division of Chemical Physics for his basic studies of alkali and boron atom gas phase kinetics, according to the APS, and for his "pioneering contributions" to the study of heterogeneous gas-liquid interaction.

"This is a great honor, as the APS is the professional association for physicists and scientists in related fields," said Davidovits, chairman of the Chemistry Department. "To have such recognition bestowed upon you by your professional peers is very gratifying."

Formed in 1899, the APS sponsors a number of meetings, events and publications, including The Physical Review and Reviews of Modern Physics .


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