Chemist Selected For Lectureship

Prof. Amir Hoveyda (Chemistry) is among a handful of scientists chosen for a prestigious Novartis Chemistry Lectureship this year.

As a result, Hoveyda traveled to Basel, Switzerland last month to present a lecture describing his research into the creation of new chemical reactions with potential pharmaceutical applications.

Hoveyda said the lectureships are presented to about five scientists per year in the field of chemical synthesis by Novartis, a major pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland. Hoveyda said the scientists work on efficient ways of creating new molecules that have potential medical uses.

The company seeks out the scientists it honors, Hoveyda said, and does not accept applications for the awards. Other honorees this year are from the California Institute of Technology, and Harvard and Stanford universities.

"This award shows that chemistry at Boston College is competitive with other top universities," Hoveyda said. "It also means that what we do has real applications. People interested in the development of therapeutic medicines view what we do as of great importance to their work."

-Michael Seele

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