C.C.C.R. to Focus on Future

The Center for Corporate Community Relations at Boston College will hold its 10th annual meeting on Sept. 12-13 in Boston. The event will feature a panel discussion on revitalizing inner cities, and a presentation on the center's new strategic plan.

The meeting will begin on Sept. 12 at the Bank of Boston Building with a discussion, "The Corporation and the Inner City," featuring Michael E. Porter of the Harvard Business School. Porter maintains that while corporations can be a major force for revitalizing the inner city, their traditional philanthropy programs are not the remedy for America's major cities.

Executives from Amoco, Prudential and the Federal National Mortgage Association then will discuss their organizations' programs aimed at revitalizing their host cities.

The following day, representatives from 20 of the center's member corporations will gather at the Bank of Boston Building to review the center's new strategic plan.

"We're at a historical turning point embarking on the next decade," said CCCR Director Edmund Burke. "While we have been successful, we are faced with big challenges in maintaining the quality of our program and meeting the expectations of our board and corporate community relations professionals."


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