Taminiaux to Fill New Adelmann Chair

By Sandra Howe
Staff Writer

Prof. Jacques Taminiaux (Philosophy), a member of the faculty since 1968, has been named the first holder of the Adelmann Chair in Philosophy. The chair, named in honor of former Philosophy Department Chairman Frederick Adelmann, SJ, was established with a gift from Patrick and Lillian Carney. Patrick Carney '70, is a University trustee and chairman and chief executive officer of the Claremont Companies.

"The special significance of this most recent chair is that it honors not only a distinguished philosopher, Jacques Taminiaux, but it also celebrates the life of one of its most respected and loved professors, Fr. Adelmann," said Academic Vice President and Dean of Faculties William B. Neenan, SJ.

"This chair is a long-awaited recognition of the international stature, outstanding teaching and commitment to students of the Philosophy Department," said Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences J. Robert Barth, SJ.

Taminiaux, who served as a visiting professor every other year until he joined the faculty full time in 1989, expressed his gratitude to University President J. Donald Monan, SJ, for appointing him to the chair, as well as to the Carney family for establis hing it.

"I felt honored and gratified," he said. "I see the appointment as a recognition of my work and teaching and a sign of the friendship and respect of my colleagues to have supported my appointment."

Taminiaux also sees the chair carrying a great obligation. "Because it is the first chair in philosophy, I feel a responsibility to improve my teaching and publish even more than before," he said. " Because of this appointment, I am even more dedicated to the task of being a professor of philosophy today."

Fr. Adelmann was a member of the Philosophy Department faculty from 1954 until his retirement in 1985, and served as chair from 1954-65. Taminiaux, an expert in continental philosophy, noted that he shared an office with Fr. Adelmann upon arriving at Boston College from his native Belgium in 1968.

"When I arrived, I soon realized that not only was Fr. Adelmann an excellent scholar, but he was also really worshipped by his students," he said.

"Jacques is one of the best known philosophers in Europe today and he is also very well known in the United States," said Prof. Richard Cobb-Stevens, chairman of the Philosophy Department. " He is one of our big stars and his presence adds to the prestige of the Philosophy Department. The formation of the Adelmann Chair also adds to the prestige of our graduate program outside of the University."

Carney said his motivation in funding a chair in philosophy was to do something special for his life-long friend, Fr. Adelmann. "He is such a wonderful person," said Carney, " and thousands of BC alumni have had the pleasure of knowing him over the years, so it is appropriate to remember the achievements of his life while recognizing the fond memories of our friendship."
The Carney family has a long history with Boston College --the Carney Dining Hall in McElroy Commons is named after Carney's father --and Carney currently serves as a member of the Board of Trustees' Buildings and Properties and Development committees. He is chairman of the Fides giving society, and is a member of the executive committees for the President's Circle and the Real Estate and Finance Council.

Taminiaux has had a long association with the University of Louvain; he was a professor there from 1967 until his appointment as a full-time faculty member at Boston College. Taminiaux holds several degrees from Louvain, including a bachelor' s degree, a juris doctor, and a doctorate and licentiate in philosophy. He has authored 10 books and over 120 articles, in addition to several translations and edited collections, is founder and editor of Etudes Phénoménologiques and a member of numerous editorial boards.

Among his other activities, Taminiaux is a member of the Académie Royale de Belgique, the Institut Internati onal de Philosophie and the Academia Europaea. In 1977 he received the Prix Francqui, an honor awarded by the King of Belgium to the outstanding scholar of the nation, and in 1990 he received a medal from the National Foundation for Scientific Research in Belgium.

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