Keeley Is Associate Dean for U-Grad. Education in C.S.O.M.

By Sean Smith
Staff Writer

Richard C. Keeley, the long-time PULSE Program director who became an assistant dean at the Carroll School of Management in 1991, has been named the school's associate dean for undergraduate education. Keeley officially began his duties on June 1, having served as acting associate dean for undergraduate education since 1994.

"Dick is a thoughtful, classy individual who brings a scholarly sense to the position of administrator," said CSOM Dean John J. Neuhauser. "He possesses a wonderful ability to focus on the things that will make the undergraduate program work to its fullest potential."

"I feel the work I am doing now resembles that from my years at PULSE, more student-oriented," Keeley said. "That is not to diminish what I was doing as assistant dean, where I largely dealt with school-wide issues - those were very enjoyable years. But I am happy to have this opportunity to work again in areas which directly affect undergraduates' Boston College experience."

Neuhauser said that Keeley's main tasks will be providing stronger oversight of the undergraduate curriculum, particularly in regard to assessment, and heightening the program's involvement in international studies and use of technology. As assistant dean, he said, Keeley had played a critical role in planning for the Fulton Hall renovation project, and in the school's increased emphasis on computing. Neuhauser also praised Keeley's work as editor of CSOM's journal The Carroll Research Report .

"What makes Dick so effective," Neuhauser said, "is he has an excellent view of the whole university through his prior experiences. He is able to communicate that view to others in CSOM."

Keeley reiterated the importance of assessment, noting that accrediting bodies and public opinion alike show "growing concern over the value you add in preparing a graduate for the workplace and how you measure the educational process.

"We want to assess our effectiveness in readying our students for their careers," Keeley continued, "but also on our educational practices in general, as well as the quality of our service - how we present ourselves to the public."

Keeley graduated from Boston College in 1972 and three years later was appointed director of PULSE, a for-credit program combining human services field work and interdisciplinary studies in philosophy, theology and other fields. One of the first undergraduates to have participated in PULSE, Keeley went on to direct the program for 17 years. By the time he stepped down, PULSE was attracting over 200 students annually for placements in 36 area agencies and organizations, and had gained national recognition.

Another achievement of Keeley's was coordinating First Serve, a special freshman orientation program for CSOM and College of Arts and Sciences honors students also based on the service-and-study concept.

Keeley earned a master's degree in theology in 1978 from BC and a master's degree in business administration from CSOM in 1989.

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