Revamped Seal Included On New B.C. Stationery

Beginning tomorrow, University offices that require stationery will have their orders filled with a new University graphic design - the first revamping of BC letterhead since 1980. The design, developed by the Office of Publications and Print Marketing, returns the BC seal to stationery and business cards, and will be printed in maroon and black.

Executive Vice President Frank Campanella said that employees will be expected to use the new stationery when representing Boston College to outside constituencies.

"In the opinion of those who reviewed the new letterhead design during its development, this representation of the University does an excellent job in conveying a message about our quality and abilities," Campanella said. "This is now our official stationery, and as employees each of us has the responsibility to represent Boston College as it chooses to be represented. Unlike most institutions, we have not created sanctions for individuals who violate this policy, but we will simply rely on the good will of our people. There's no excuse or reason, however, for using any other stationery in communications that come from Boston College."

An electronic version of the letterhead page will be distributed by IPS, as a template in Microsoft Word, for appropriate internal use.

OPPM Design Director Jana Milbocker said that the new design brings the stationery into conformance with the overall graphic identity that OPPM has developed for the University over the past 10 years.

Included in the letterhead project was the redesign of BC's central corporate symbol, the seal, so that it could be attractively reproduced in small sizes. A version of the BC seal that had been in general use since the early 1970s, said Milbocker, "was full of blocky details, so that when reduced to the right size for stationery or business cards, it became almost indistinguishable." The solution was to redesign the image to bring it closer to an earlier BC seal "that was more elegant in its design," said Milbocker.

The new stationery can be ordered directly from the printer, Regal Press, through UBUY. Regal Press has been provided with a list of approved offices, with address and telephone information. Each approved office has been assigned a "unit designation number" that can be obtained from the appropriate vice president's office. An individual placing an order for stationery will only need to indicate the unit number to the printer in order to receive the correctly printed stationery.

Detailed instructions on ordering the new stationery and collateral materials were sent to each vice president, dean, director and department chairperson. Milbocker said that offices with stocks of stationery should use the current design until a reorder is necessary.

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