B.C. Named 'Character Building College'

Boston College is included in the 1995-96 John Templeton Foundation Honor Roll for Character Building Colleges, a list of 124 higher education institutions recognized for their efforts to promote positive values among students.

The honor roll is comprised of four-year accredited universities and colleges which encourage undergraduates to explore the moral reasoning process, foster spiritual growth and moral values, promote community building values and advocate a drug-free lifestyle. It is meant to serve as a reference list for prospective students, their families and secondary school guidance counselors, according to the foundation's director, John M. Templeton Jr.

"The honor roll is based on the principle that character comes from three primary sources: the family, the religious community and educational institutions," Templeton, an international investment manager, said in a statement announcing this year's selections. These institutions, he added, are "taking the important steps to make character development an integral part of the campus experience for their students."

The foundation, established in 1987, works closely with scientists, theologians, philosophers, scholars and medical professionals worldwide to support more than 40 programs in science and religion, spirituality and medicine and character education.

Among the other institutions chosen for the honor roll were the University of Notre Dame, Yale University, Spelman College and St. Louis University.


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