Law Conference To Mull Affirmative Action

National advocates and critics of Affirmative Action will gather in Washington, DC, on Saturday to debate the policy at a conference sponsored by the Boston College Law School Black Alumni Network.

The conference, titled "Report Card on Affirmative Action," will feature Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Deval Patrick as keynote speaker. In addition, a series of point-counterpoint panels will examine Affirmative Action issues in contracting, employment, education, business, and how the policy applies to women.

Among those speaking in support of Affirmative Action will be NAACP Executive Director and former Congressman Kweisi Mfume and Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-District of Columbia), a former O'Neill Professor of American Politics at Boston College.

Some of the counterpoint panelists will be: Center for New Black Leadership President Brian W. Jones and San Diego Union Tribune writer Joseph Perkins.

Also offering comment will be: Massachusetts State Senator Dianne Wilkerson; Patricia Hardiman Long, who this year became the first African-American woman to run for Congress in Massachusetts history; and Georgetown University law professor and former Congressman Robert F. Drinan, SJ, a former dean of the Law School.

"Affirmative Action is at the forefront of the national agenda in this election year," said Boston College Black Alumni Network President and Massachusetts Industrial Accident Board Judge Susan Maze-Rothstein. "'Report Card on Affirmative Action' is intended to inform this important debate."


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