Major Journal Now On Campus

By Sandra Howe
Staff Writer

Prof. Philip Altbach (SOE) has been appointed to a five-year term as editor of The Review of Higher Education , the academic journal of the Association for the Study of Higher Education, an organization with over 1,000 members from the higher education research community.

Altbach has chosen two SOE faculty members as the journal's associate editors: associate professors Ted Youn and Karen Arnold.

"Having the journal at Boston College reflects well on the School of Education and the University," said SOE Dean Gerald Pine, adding that it would help attract both students and scholars. "It is one of the top flight journals in higher education and that not only says something about the stature of Philip Altbach, but it also advances our reputation nationally."

"A journal on your campus gives you instant visibility in your field," added Altbach. "People think 'Oh, the Review is at Boston College, so there must be something good happening there.'

Review of Higher Education Editor Prof. Philip Altbach (SOE), center, with associate editors Ted Youn and Karen Arnold, both associate professors in SOE. (Photo by Gary Gilbert)

"The support from Dean Pine and the University has been wonderful," continued Altbach. "It also speaks to the prominence of our higher education program that the association would want the journal housed here at Boston College."

The 20-year-old journal has a circulation of 2,000 and publishes quarterly. With editorial offices now on campus, Altbach is laying the groundwork for the first issue under his direction, which will be published in September. Altbach said Youn's expertise on the organization of universities and Arnold's work in student development and student affairs will complement his research in higher education policy. Youn and Arnold will assist Altbach in reviewing manuscripts.

"Phil is an enormously collaborative person," said Arnold, "and he has been known throughout his career for mentoring younger scholars, so Ted and I are thrilled to have this opportunity to work with him on a premier journal."

Under Altbach, the Review will for the first time be issued by Johns Hopkins University Press. Altbach said this change would increase efficiency while further promoting the journal and enhancing its stature. Altbach is also planning to widen the focus of the publication, and cover trends and topics in the field of higher education studies with more of an eye on policy issues.

In addition to the Review , Altbach's current editorships include Educational Policy , Belagio Newsletter , and a book series on higher education published by Garland Press. He has also served as an editor for Comparative Education Review and Higher Education .

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