Research Incentive Grants Awarded To 15 Faculty Members

Fifteen Boston College faculty members have won University Research Incentive grants for 1996, and two additional faculty have been designated as alternates, according to an announcement by Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael Smyer.

Winners and the names of the proposed projects in the College of Arts and Sciences are: Prof. Michael Clarke (Chemistry), "Cellular Uptake, DNA Binding and DNA Damage by Ruthenium Prodrugs"; Prof. Dayton Haskin (English), "The Transformation of John Donne in the Nineteenth Century"; Assoc. Prof. Thomas Oboe Lee (Music), "Grand Sonata for Cello and Piano"; Assoc. Prof. Roberta Manning (History), "Tragedy of the Soviet Village: Collectivization and Dekulakization: 1927-1940"; Assoc. Prof. William Brunken (Biology), "Localization of Serotonin Receptors in Retina"; Asst. Prof. Matthew Restall (History), "Identity and Interaction: Maya, Spaniard and African in Colonial Yucatan"; Asst. Prof. Rabbi Ruth Langer (Theology), "Symbolic and Ritual Roles of the Torah Scroll in Jewish Religious Life"; Asst. Prof. John Houchin (Theater), "American Theatrical Censorship from 1945-1990"; and Asst. Prof. Rachel Freudenburg (Germanic Studies), "Fictions of Friendship: Masculinity and Modernity in the German Twentieth Century."

In the Carroll School of Management, winners are: Asst. Prof. Edith Hotchkiss, "Interpreting the New Issues Puzzle Evidence From the Private Placement Equity Market"; Assoc. Prof. Theresa Hammond, "The Collected Oral Histories of the Earliest African-American CPAs"; and Asst. Prof. Debasish Mallick, "Theoretical and Empirical Study of Design Focus."

There is one winner each in the schools of Law, Education and Nursing: Asst. Prof. Mary Bilder (Law), "Superior Judgment: The Culture of Appeals in Rhode Island, Maryland and Jamaica, 1640-1700"; Asst. Prof. Susan Chase (SON), "Leg Ulcer Intervention Project" and Asst. Prof. Gary Yee (SOE), "Extenuation: Miracle Workers Wanted: Executive Succession and Organizational Change in an Urban School District."

In the event that one or more of the winners waives their grant, the awards will be presented to the alternates in the following order: Asst. Prof. Kristin Butcher (Economics), "Links Between Immigration and Crime? Individual and City Level Evidence 1960-1990"; and Assoc. Prof. Gil Manzon (CSOM), "Market Reaction to Changes in the Tax Deductibility of Goodwill."


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