Retirees Will Be Honored At Dinner

University President J. Donald Monan, SJ, will honor 20 retiring employees, and 29 faculty and staff members who have completed 25 years of service, at a recognition dinner on May 28 in the Lower Campus Dining Hall Heights Room.

Retiring faculty to be honored are: Prof. George Brown Jr. (Geology), Prof. Maurice Liss (Biology), Prof. Richard Murphy (Philosophy), Prof. Emeritus George Goldsmith (Physics), Assoc. Prof. James Gilroy (Biology), Assoc. Prof. Patricia Harrington (SON), Assoc. Prof. Bernadette Hungler (SON), Assoc. Prof. Robert Reiter (English) and Assoc. Prof. Charles Smith Jr. (SOE).

Staff members who have retired over the past year include: Robert Caggiano, a third-class engineer in the central heating plant; Everett Casey, a lab technician in the Physics Department; SOE secretary Catherine Feeley; Alumni Association secretary Patricia Hickey; Phyllis Johnson, a dining worker in St. Mary's Hall; Law Library Legal Reference Librarian Gyorgy Lang; Buildings and Grounds lead groundsperson Edward Le Blanc; Small Business Development Center Senior Management Counselor Francis Lee; and B&G custodians Antonio Cherin, Frederick Lloyd and Peter Raymon.

Faculty celebrating 25 years at the University are Prof. Ali Banuazizi (Psychology), Prof. Robert Berry (Law), Prof. George Brown (Law), Prof. Richard Cobb-Stevens (Philosophy), Prof. Robert Daly, SJ (Theology), Prof. Ernest Fortin (Theology), Prof. Donald Hafner (Political Science), Prof. John Christopher Hepburn (Geology), Prof. David Karp (Sociology), Prof. Cynthia Lichtenstein (Law), Prof. G. Ramsay Liem (Psychology), Prof. J. Enrique Ojeda (Romance Languages), Prof. E. Dennis Taylor (English), Prof. Peter Weiler (History), Assoc. Prof. John Hasenjaeger (CSOM), Assoc. Prof. Rosemary Krawczyk (SON), Assoc. Prof. Frederick Lawrence (Theology), Assoc. Prof. Jean Mooney (SOE), Assoc. Prof. John Rosser (History), Assoc. Prof. Edward Smith (SOE), and Assoc. Prof. William Youngren (English).

Administrators and staff marking 25 years at the University are: Health Services administrative secretary Emma Alpert; Joseph Curran, O'Neill Library evening government documents assistant; B&G plumber William Goodwin; William McClurg, Boston College Police Department security officer; Associate Athletic Director Reid Oslin; Marjorie Sherman, Law School administrative coordinator; Accounting Manager Sheryl Sullivan; and Museum of Art administrative assistant Helen Swartz.


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