Barrett Appointed Permanent A.D.C. Director

By Sandra Howe
Staff Writer

University Librarian Jerome Yavarkovsky has announced the appointment of Suzanne Barrett as director of the Academic Development Center.

Barrett, who has been the center's acting director for the past two years, said she has formulated plans to expand the ADC's role on campus and looks forward to turning her vision into reality. "Being named director represents a mandate to pursue my ideas and I am optimistic about the future," she said.

"The ADC's role is to enhance teaching and learning at Boston College," she added. "For students, this means we provide services to help them get as much as possible from their courses. For teachers - full-time and part-time faculty, as well as graduate students - it means that we will support them in their efforts to teach as effectively as possible."

"I'm delighted to welcome Sue as a permanent member of the staff and look forward to continuing the effective working relationship we've had and working closer with her to achieve the goals of the ADC," said Yavarkovsky. "Sue has strong human relations and communication skills, and a good sense of the purpose and potential of the ADC for serving the Boston College community. She also has a great enthusiasm for the role of the ADC on campus, which is contagious."

Suzanne Barrett.

Barrett, who had been coordinator of tutoring and supplemental instruction at the center since 1992, has already established excellent relations with faculty and students, Yavarkovsky noted.

In addition to expanding student services, including the increasingly popular tutoring program - which is open to students more than 55 hours each week - Barrett plans to increase support for faculty by helping them take advantage of the latest technologies in their teaching. She plans to host a series of roundtable discussions, which will address technology's role in the classroom and wider questions facing higher education.

The ADC, located in the Connors Learning Center of O'Neill Library, offers undergraduate tutoring, assists students with learning disabilities and provides academic support services to faculty and graduate students. As director, Barrett supervises ADC staff and works with the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to provide training to graduate students teaching at the University. She also coordinates programs with other offices to maximize support for faculty and students, publicizes ADC programs and develops ideas for increasing services.

Among plans for the fall, Barrett said the ADC will make available an electronic mail account, so students can obtain quick advice on grammar or other basic areas by using computers in their residence halls or apartments.

Barrett holds a bachelor's degree in English from Newton College of the Sacred Heart, master's degrees in special education and English from Trenton State College and Clark University, respectively, and a doctoral degree in English from Brown University.

Before joining Boston College, Barrett was a humanities fellow at Brown. She also has taught at Lasell College and Inlingua Schule in Germany.

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