Faculty Member Named To Dean's Post In C.G.S.O.M.

McClellan leads Carroll School's graduate division

By Joe Hunter
Contributing Writer

The Carroll School of Management has named Hassell H. McClellan, an associate professor of operations and stategic management, as dean of its graduate school. McClellan assumed the post July 1.

"Hassell McClellan comes to the deanship with solid credentials in both the academic and business worlds," noted CSOM Dean John J. Neuhauser in announcing the appointment. "What's more, he brings a far-sighted strategic perspective and leadership abilities that will help guide the graduate school at a time of unprecedented change in management education."

As dean, McClellan administers a graduate division which enrolls over 930 students. The Carroll Graduate School of Management offers master's degree programs in business administration and finance and doctoral programs in organization studies and finance. The MBA program also offers joint degrees with the Law School, School of Nursing, Graduate School of Social Work and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

A former banker, McClellan taught from 1976-80 at the Harvard Business School, where he was an assistant professor. He was president of a strategic management consulting firm from 1980 to 1984, when he joined CSOM. At Boston College, McClellan has been active in a number of committees focused on strategically positioning the University for the future.

Hassell McClellan

The Georgetown, Ky., native specializes in strategic management and financial services and is the author of a 1981 book on the banking industry, Managing One-Bank Holding Companies , as well as numerous articles and case studies on management topics. He lectures frequently on strategic management and strategy transformation.

McClellan is extensively involved in community activities. He serves on the Bank of Boston First Community Bank Advisory Board and the Lesley College Board of Trustees, among other boards.

The new dean said his view of management education stresses strategic leadership. "We must develop strategic leaders and decision makers grounded in all the analytical tools and techniques, but more importantly, empowered with the vision and confidence to change strategic direction on a timely basis," McClellan said. "We need managers who continually seek new opportunities in a more global and technology-based environment," even if that means placing more emphasis on product innovation than on existing businesses.

McClellan received a doctorate in business administration from Harvard Business School in 1978. He holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and a bachelor's degree in economics and mathematics from Fisk University.

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