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B.C.P.D. makes donation to benefit Campus School

By Sean Smith
Staff Writer

The Boston College Police Department recently made its annual $1,000 donation to the Boston College Campus School, a gift which Campus School Principal Donald Ricciato said enhances the school's day-to-day programs.

"Usually, we use the donation to do things we don't often get a chance to do," Ricciato explained. "It might be a trip of some kind out into the area or it might be a special event, like an afternoon at a horse-back riding farm. The idea is to keep students in touch with the community around them, just give them an opportunity to have fun.

"We are extremely grateful to the Boston College Police Department," he added. "They continue to be one of our strongest supporters, which means a lot for a non-profit organization with limited funds. Being able to go on excursions really adds a lot to our programs."

"The department is glad to do whatever we can," said BCPD Chief Robert Morse. "We know it means a lot to the students, as well as the staff of the Campus School."

Morse said the donations are raised through such means as an auction of lost-and-found items at the end of the academic year and return deposits on beverages confiscated by the department.

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