B.C.P.D. Response Saves the Life of Popular Employee

Addie Lalli, a long-time Dining Services employee and the manager and namesake of the popular "Addie's" campus snack bar, was hospitalized on Dec. 12 after suffering a severe asthma attack which resulted in heart failure. Lalli is now resting at home and is expected to fully recover.

Lalli called the Boston College Police Department around 6:30 p.m. from her office in the Lower Campus Dining Hall and was attempting to ask for help when she suffered the attack. Although Lalli was unable to identify herself or give her location before she collapsed, the department was able to trace her call and find her. The responding officers - Lt. Thomas King, Sgt. Harley LeCain and patrol officers Frederick Glynn, Kathleen Mullen, David O'Connor and Joey Marano - immediately started cardiopulmonary resuscitation and kept her alive until an ambulance arrived.

"We're very happy to still have Addie with us and hope to see her on campus again soon," said Patricia Bando, director of Dining Services.

Dining Services General Manager Karen Peirce said Lalli is recuperating well and is eager to come back to work, although no date has been set for her return.


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