Pine To Leave SOE Deanship

By Sandra Howe
Staff Writer

Gerald Pine, who guided the School of Education's innovative efforts in the areas of urban education reform and integrated services, will step down from his post as SOE dean at the end of this academic year to join the SOE faculty.

"We are all thankful to Jerry for his dedication to the School of Education and for the initiatives he has begun in his time here," said Academic Vice President and Dean of Faculties William B. Neenan, SJ. "He is respected by his colleagues in SOE and the many friends from across the University he has made in his brief time at Boston College."

"I have enjoyed working with the faculty, staff and students in the School of Education and look forward to continuing as a faculty colleague and teacher," said Pine, who had assumed the post in August 1994. "Boston College fosters a very rich intellectual environment, not just in the School of Education, but in the University at large. It is the kind of environment [in which] one can initiate scholarly activity and be supported, which makes this university an exciting place to be. It is also a very caring community and it is within this environment that I want to do my scholarship."

One of Pine's first and most important tasks as dean was overseeing the transition of the University's graduate education program from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences to SOE. Last year, US News & World Report ranked the SOE graduate program 16th in the nation, the highest rank for any graduate education program among Catholic colleges and universities, and second only to Harvard University in New England.

                                             SOE Dean Gerald Pine.

Pine also played a key role in the interdisciplinary effort known as the Integrated Services Project, aimed at preparing faculty and students to work collaboratively with children and families at risk, which began shortly after his arrival. Boston College faculty from several disciplines have worked together with children in urban settings in and around Boston, "creating a fundamental difference in schools and social service agencies that will change society," said Pine.

Pine was also instrumental in developing the Inner-city Catholic Teacher Core Program, which will begin in the summer of 1997. The program is a two-year volunteer program for graduating seniors, who will live in a faith community where they will draw connections between their service of teaching, their community life and their faith in God.

Some of the other achievements Pine cited include the installation of a new computer laboratory, the introduction of new computer workstations in the Campus School, the reorganization of the Educational Policies Committee to facilitate policy development and collegial review of curriculum, and the establishment of the Center for International Higher Education, which provides information and analysis on higher education issues to colleges and universities.

"It is within this context of accomplishment and within the intellectual and caring community of the School of Education that I wish to devote my time and energies as a teacher and scholar," wrote Pine in a letter to SOE faculty and staff announcing his departure from the deanship. He said he will take a sabbatical next fall to research professional development in education and urban education.

Fr. Neenan said it is important that a new dean be in place in the near future to provide leadership for SOE, "which has made marvelous strides in many areas in recent years and is positioned to take an even stronger leadership role in the future."

The search committee which identified Pine has been reformed, according to Fr. Neenan, who is chairing the committee. It includes: Associate Academic Vice President Robert Newton, School of Nursing Dean Barbara Munro, SOE Associate Dean Mary Walsh, Prof. Peter Airasian (SOE), Prof. Walter Haney (SOE), Prof. John Savage (SOE), Assoc. Prof. Penny Hauser-Cram (SOE), Assoc. Prof. Lea McGee (SOE), Assoc. Prof. Ted Youn (SOE) and Asst. Prof. Jay King (SOE). SOE graduate student James Forrest and Aileen Simitis '97, an SOE undergraduate, are also on the committee.

Fr. Neenan said the committee will accept applications through April 18 and expects to make a recommendation to the president by late May.

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