Jesuit Community Slates Spring "Experiencing God" Conversation Series

The Jesuit Community of Boston College is again sponsoring its discussion program "Experiencing God: A Series of Conversations at Saint Mary's," which invites people to reflect on God's presence in their lives.

Inspired by the "University at Prayer" series which ran from 1989-1992, the program features speakers representing a variety of religious traditions and experiences. The presenters encourage others to consider their own perspectives of and experiences with God and enter into conversation.

This semester's series, which began Tuesday with the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts Rev. M. Thomas Shaw, continues on Tuesday, Feb. 27 with Gregory Chisholm, SJ, a professor of engineering at the University of Detroit Mercy's School of Engineering.

Asst. Prof. Rabbi Ruth Langer (Theology) will speak on March 19, and Dennis Leder, SJ, an American Jesuit artist who has worked for many years in Guatemala, will lead the last discussion of the semester on April 16. All events start at 7 p.m. in St. Mary's Chapel and are free and open to the public.

"Spirituality is an interesting topic to people," said Jesuit Community Rector Prof. Joseph Appleyard, SJ (English). "As people try to look for ways of understanding their lives in relation to God, hearing other people's accounts and what they make of it all is helpful."

"If we talk about the ways in which we have personally felt God's presence in our lives, the barriers set up by theological arguments disappear and common ground is discovered," said St. Mary's Chapel Director James O'Brien, SJ, a part-time faculty member in the Evening College. "Then a deep sense of real companionship in the pilgrimage each of us is making to God develops."

Last semester's schedule drew between 40 to 90 people for each gathering, including students, faculty, staff, alumni and others from off-campus, according to Fr. O'Brien.


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