B.C.P.D. Officers' Heroism Cited

By Sandra Howe
Staff Writer

Four members of the Boston College Police Department received the Heroic Action Award from the Massachusetts Association of College and University Public Safety Directors recently in recognition for saving the life of Carol Bianco, mother of Michael Bianco '97, last spring.

The award was presented to Sgt. John Derick and patrol officers Brian Eng, Walter Hill and Joey Marano. The officers also will be awarded a plaque in recognition of their actions on May 13, the one-year anniversary of the incident.

On that day, Bianco was helping her son move out of his room in the 90 St. Thomas More Drive residence hall when she suffered a heart attack and collapsed. The BCPD officers arrived at the scene within minutes and immediately started cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Marano, a paramedic, was able to help sustain her breathing until an ambulance crew arrived.

"Mrs. Bianco was dead at the scene, but the officers never gave up hope," said Boston College Police Chief Robert Morse. "Because of their actions, she is alive and well today and is looking forward to seeing her son graduate in 1997. She takes great comfort in the fact that the officers were so well-trained."

This is the third consecutive year that members of the BCPD - who respond to an average of 92,000 calls each year - have won the Heroic Action Award, which Morse said is both a tribute to the department and an indication of the critical nature of their job.

"Sometimes it is hard to choose just one incident to recommend for the award, but this one really stood out," Morse said. "[The officers] say they are only doing their job, but they really do utilize their training to the best of their abilities, which results in many lives being saved each year."

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