U.A.P.C. To Issue Draft Report In January

By Sean Smith
Staff Writer

The University Academic Planning Council has moved the release date of its draft recommendations for Boston College's long-term academic goals to late January, said UAPC co-chair Robert Newton.

In addition, Newton - who chairs the UAPC with Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael Smyer - said there will be a "four to five week" period during which administrators, faculty, staff and students can offer comments about the draft.

The report had been scheduled for circulation this month, with the final version submitted to University President J. Donald Monan, SJ, in January. But Newton said council members felt strongly that the University community should have more time to review and respond to the document.

"As we have said before, we believe it is important that there be adequate time for the community to look at and reflect on this work," said Newton, the associate academic vice president. While the UAPC would have liked to have kept to its original timetable, "we are happy with the decision to move back the date, because it will provide the time needed to discuss the report more thoroughly."

Newton also said that when the report is distributed, the council will announce what avenues - such as public forums - will be available for discussion of the document's various aspects.

During the fall semester, UAPC members assessed the campus response to its previous statements regarding the University's future educational mission. In particular, the council had explored the prospects for undergraduate education, graduate and professional education, Jesuit and Catholic identity, faculty roles and responsibilities, and research at Boston College. Members solicited opinions in these areas from administrators, faculty and students over the spring and summer through a series of public events and an assortment of questionnaires.

In preparing the forthcoming report, Newton said, members are integrating the substance of those views with the UAPC's own findings and linking them to quantifiable fiscal terms. But the council is also striving to make the document both succinct and informative, he added, so it will be easily digested by the University community.

"The UAPC is very engaged in the process," Newton said, "and is committed to producing a strong report which reflects a broad perspective across the University."

Newton reiterated that the UAPC will make every attempt to ensure that the draft report is read by as much of the University community as possible. One option is to make available an electronic version of the document on the University's InfoEagle server. The UAPC maintains a site which includes a copy of its interim report from earlier this year. It can be reached on Infoeagle at gopher://infoeagle.bc.edu:71/11/bc_org/avp/acavp/uapc.

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