Broadcast e-mail causes BC-wide system crash

Users of electronic mail are reminded to limit broadcast messages in the wake of a University-wide system crash on April 17.

The PC to Mac Microsoft Mail system was down for five hours that day following a broadcast message sent by a Macintosh MCMail user. Since the message had to be removed manually from hundreds of e-mail boxes around campus, PC users waited nearly eight hours before they could receive e-mail.

Broadcast messages cause serious system consequences and are against Information Technology policy. They are also an ineffective way of reaching large numbers of people at Boston College and Info Tech recommends the delphi news server for such usage. Information about it can be obtained through the Help Center, ext. 4357.

Teaching Excellence Awards to be presented on May 6

Forty six graduate teaching fellows and teaching assistants will receive Donald J. White Teaching Excellence Awards at a May 6 ceremony in Gasson 100.

The awards, named for the former dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, include cash and a letter of congratulations from Academic Vice President and Dean of Faculties William B. Neenan, SJ.

All members of the University community are invited to the ceremony, which will begin at 5 p.m.

Volunteers for Stand for Children event sought

Members of the Boston College community interested in traveling to Washington, DC, for the "Stand for Children" event on June 1 are invited to contact Michelle Chastenay in the School of Education.

Chastenay is arranging transportation to and from the event, which is intended as a show of support for children. The cost for transportation is $78 for adults.

Those interested may contact Chastenay at ext. 0675.

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