Local Organizations Honor University for Efforts in Allston/Brighton

Two local organizations recently honored Boston College for its service to the Greater Boston community.

The Brighton Board of Trade presented the University with its "Member of the Year" award for the "enthusiastic participation" of the Office of Community Affairs in issues affecting the community. The organization also cited the University for its efforts in establishing the Brighton Business and Community Collaborative, and for the work of the Boston College Neighborhood Center.

The University's PULSE program was presented with a "Special Recognition Award" at the 144th annual meeting of the YMCA of Greater Boston, in appreciation of seven students enrolled in PULSE who worked at the Allston-Brighton YMCA: seniors David Clune and Kelly O'Connor; sophomores Jae Kim, Shannon O'Keefe, Gary Ward and Kelly Welch; and freshman Clare Seaby Duff.

The undergraduates participated in a youth mentoring program called "Adopt A Fifth Grade," which takes place at local schools, and worked at the YMCA's regular after-school program.

"We are very pleased by this recognition of the work all the BC community performs in service of its neighbors," said Office of Community Affairs Director Jean S. McKeigue. "Serving others is of great importance to the University, on the part of both its employees and its students."

- S.S.

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