Evening College Becomes College of Advancing Studies

By Sandra Howe
Staff Writer

Reflecting its current nature and the addition of a master's degree program, the Evening College has changed its name to the College of Advancing Studies.

When the Board of Trustees recently approved the development of a master of science degree program in administrative studies at the Evening College, administrators decided the college's name should better reflect the growth of part-time education at the University. Boston College President J. Donald Monan, SJ, approved the new title, which had been proposed by the college's dean, James Woods, SJ.

The college historically has provided part-time undergraduate education to non-traditional students, including adults who work full-time, homemakers and others wishing to pursue special interests or prepare for professional advancement. It offers programs in business, information processing, the humanities and the social sciences, and confers approximately 150 degrees each year.

"The historic title was not descriptive, referring to a time of day, not the programs available," said Academic Vice President and Dean of Faculties William B. Neenan, SJ. "The changing market and introduction of a master's program made for a good occasion to change the title to reflect the advanced level of courses being offered."

"The old name had become archaic," added Fr. Woods. "We are doing many other things in the school and the new title better reflects what we are doing: advancing Boston College, its students, faculty and curriculum."

College of Advancing Studies Dean James Woods, SJ

The new administrative studies program, which will begin in the fall, will balance theory and practice, according to Fr. Woods, providing an alternative to the typically specialized graduate programs. It will offer such courses as creative writing and public discourse, public policy, budgeting and financial analysis, and multi-cultural perspectives, and will be taught by faculty from several disciplines.

While the College of Advancing Studies is committed to enriching its undergraduate program, Fr. Woods said the changing needs of the community necessitated creation of the graduate program.

"Most people in this area already have their undergraduate degrees and are looking for quality part-time advanced programs," he said. "Since most of our students are local residents, we are simply responding to what the local community wants."

The college was founded in 1929 at 11 Beacon St. and was known as the Downtown Center until it became the Junior College in 1933. In 1935, continued growth forced a move to 126 Newbury St., where its name was changed again to Boston College Intown. The school moved to the Chestnut Hill campus in 1963, when it became the Evening College. Fr. Woods succeeded Charles W. Crowley, SJ, as dean of the Evening College in 1967.

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