Consultant Picked to Guide Project

By Sean Smith
Staff Writer

Boston College has hired the international consulting firm Andersen Consulting to assist in planning for Project Delta, the University-wide effort to increase institutional efficiency and productivity.

Project Delta Manager James Kreinbring said yesterday that beginning in May the firm will send several representatives to work over a three-month period with University personnel involved in Delta. The consultants will help the University assess its areas of strength and potential growth, hold training workshops for Delta members and aid in putting together the eventual implementation plan, he said.

"Our interest in hiring a consultant was to have someone provide assistance and guidance for the redesign process," said Kreinbring. "Boston College has talent of its own to utilize in planning and carrying out Delta initiatives, but we wanted to have someone help us get started. We felt it important to have a model and to benefit from the expertise of a company which is familiar with the kind of task we are undertaking.

"We know that Andersen Consulting will give us the training and lexicon we need to ensure the success of Delta," he said.

Andersen Consulting is a global management and technology consulting firm with corporate headquarters in Chicago and branch offices throughout the world, including locally in Newton. Andersen "works with clients from a wide range of industries to align their people, processes and strategies to achieve the best business performance," according to a company publication.

Kreinbring said the firm was selected from among four candidates because its general approach offered the best fit for the organizational structure of Project Delta and the University.

"Their method, their willingness to serve as a 'coach,' is good for our environment," he said. "Andersen is a company with a real emphasis on technology as an enabler, as a lever in redesigning. This corresponds with the University's goal of improving and utilizing our technological resources in fulfilling our mission.

"They also place a strong emphasis on chemistry between their consultants and clients," Kreinbring added. "They are not out to do the job for us, but to help us prepare to do the job well."

Kreinbring said one Andersen consultant will work directly with him and others in the Delta leadership group on an essentially full-time basis during the three months. Other Andersen representatives will serve as technical assistants and hold regular workshops to train Delta members in the process of redesigning. Later on, he added, the firm likely will be asked on occasion to assess the progress of Delta's implementation.

Project Delta, which was formally launched in January, includes 28 members of the Boston College community, representing all areas of administrative and academic support. They are grouped into three task forces to study business processes redesign, the use of information technology in redesigning, and the human resources and organizational implications of Project Delta.

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