New Policies on Infoeagle

The Office of Policies and Procedures will begin converting the University's Policies and Procedures Manual to an exclusively electronic format this week, said OPP Director Ivy Dodge.

In 1994, the OPP began posting electronic versions of updated policies on the University's InfoEagle server for public view, in addition to distributing printed copies to designated manual holders.

Now, Dodge said, complete versions of any new or revised policies will be posted on the "BC News and Publications" folder on InfoEagle. Instead of receiving full descriptions of each new policy, manual holders will be given a one-page printed summary.

"We've been moving towards an entirely electronic format for some time now, with the aim of giving the Boston College community quick access to the manual," Dodge said. "This will enable more people to become familiar with University policies and procedures, while allowing them to take advantage of the available technology."

Dodge pointed out that not all policies will be available in both print and electronic form during the transition phase. Until the conversion to an electronic manual is complete, Dodge said manual holders will be responsible for maintaining their assigned print copies.

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