Concert and Exhibit to Commemorate Victims
of the Holocaust

By Sandra Howe
Staff Writer

A concert and a Burns Library exhibition on the Catholic-Jewish relationship highlight a Holocaust memorial later this month, organized by two Boston College faculty members.

The concert, slated for Saturday, April 27 at 8 p.m. in St. Ignatius Church, will include a performance of Gabriel Fauré's "Requiem" by the Brookline Chorus and "Sh'ma," a compilation of nine Holocaust poems set to music by local composer Andy Vores.

Sponsored by Boston College, the Brookline Music School and the Consulate General of Israel to New England, the concert will memorialize the victims of the Holocaust and is dedicated to its survivors, according to Prof. John Michalczyk (Fine Arts), who organized the month's events with Assoc. Prof. Alan Lawson (History).

"We want this concert to extend to the general public in Boston, including the Jewish and Christian communities, as well as the music community," said Michalczyk. "We hope they will all join us to gain an understanding of what the Holocaust tragedy means today through the images evoked in the music."

In conjunction with the concert, an exhibition, "The Cross and the Star: Jews, Christians, and the Holocaust," will open in Burns Library on April 22. The exhibition will depict the Holocaust as experienced by people of different faiths, according to Lawson, and will feature portions of the score of "Sh'ma." Other related items will be on display, such as selected writings by a poet whose work was included in "Sh'ma," a memoir by a leader of the Auschwitz camp orchestra, and manuscripts of musical pieces composed in the death camps.

Another portion of the exhibit will portray the historical relationship between Christians and Jews, featuring rare books and manuscripts from the Burns Collection, including items from the debate within the Catholic Church during the medieval era over how Jews should be regarded and treated.

Still photographs from Michalczyk's films, "The Cross and the Crown" and "Medicine, Ethics and the Third Reich," both of which explore Holocaust-related themes, also will be displayed. The exhibition features a copy of the famous "Schindler's List" - a list of prisoners to be spared from the Nazi death camps - as well as documents describing Nazi propaganda and medical experiments, testimony from Nazi doctors and their victims, and resistance to the Nazi regime.

Tickets for the April 27 concert may be purchased in advance for $12 by calling 731-0000, or purchased at the door for $15. Students with a Boston College ID card will be admitted free of charge.

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