Oct. 5, 2006 • Volume 15 Number 3

Nota Bene

EagleEyes, the Boston College project that enables people with severe physical disabilities to perform various tasks using eye-controlled computer technology, has been named a 2006 "Technology Award Laureate" in education by the Tech Museum of San Jose, Calif.

The Tech Museum Awards honor innovators from around the world who are applying technology to benefit humanity, and seeks to inspire other such efforts. Awards are given in areas such as education, equality, environment, health and economic development through the use of technology.

A collaboration between the Carroll School of Management, the Computer Science Department and the Boston College Campus School, the EagleEyes Project also has developed application programs to work with its technology and thus expand its usefulness. EagleEyes has a licensing agreement with the Opportunity Foundation of America of Salt Lake City to build miniature EagleEyes devices and distribute them for free.

The Tech Museum Awards will be presented Nov. 15.

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael A. Smyer has been appointed to the Advisory Committee on Graduate Education and American Competitiveness of the Council of Graduate Schools. The committee, composed of higher education and business leaders, will assist in developing a policy paper that focuses on the specific roles of universities, government and business in ensuring that the nation's graduate education capacity is nurtured and advanced in the next decades. The committee will participate in a legislative conference in Washington, DC, next April.

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