Oct. 5, 2006 • Volume 15 Number 3

BC Among the 'Fittest' Colleges, Survey Says

Men's Fitness Magazine has named Boston College one of America's 25 fittest colleges in its annual ranking that appears in newsstands this week.

BC was named the third fittest college, behind Dickinson College in Pennsylvania and Colgate University, based on a survey of 12,500 students at 115 colleges and universities.

The rankings are determined by student responses to 17 questions about their diet, lifestyle and exercise habits on campus.

"It is a common-sense study," said Neal Bouton, editor in chief of the popular fitness magazine. "We take a look at the kinds of food offered in college cafeterias, the range of exercise opportunities available on campus, how much alcohol students consume, etc., and formulate our rankings based on students' input. The top schools offer a range of nutrition and exercise choices and provide a very balanced lifestyle within which everyone can exist."

The student survey questions covered topics such as how many hours per week students exercise, whether the schools offered services such as nutrition counseling and extended gym hours, the availability of healthy food in dining halls and the amount of alcohol consumed by students.

Boston College improved eight points from its 11th place ranking in last year's debut listing in Men's Fitness. The magazine is working with The Heights to help identify BC's fittest students, with the prospect of placing them on the cover of the magazine this fall.

-Office of Public Affairs

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