Oct. 6, 2005 • Volume 14 Number 3

University Affiliates Program Looks to Retool

More than 50 members of the Boston College community have taken part in the University Affiliates Program during its first six years. This year, they'll have a chance to help make the program better.

The Affiliates Program, introduced in 1999, helps prepare AHANA employees for potential leadership positions at BC. Mentored by a team of senior University administrators, University Affiliates learn about the methods used to address strategic issues in higher education. Through regular meetings with mentors as well as special presentations and other events during the academic year, participants can deepen their knowledge of the University and strengthen their viability for promotion.

After discussions this past summer on how to improve the program, Affiliates administrators opted to take a different approach for the 2005-06 academic year. Instead of recruiting a new group of Affiliates, the program will organize a series of events for past participants, offering additional career development opportunities while building a stronger, more cohesive group identity for the program.

In addition, the Office of Institutional Research will undertake an evaluation during 2005-06 that, along with the outcome of the alumni events, will aid in the implementation of a redesigned Affiliates Program next fall.

"The first, and most important, thing to understand is, the University Affiliates Program is not going away," said Consultant for Employee Development Sidney Holloway, who coordinates the program. "We are always looking for ways to improve on what we do, to better serve our Affiliates' needs and those of the University.

"Having been around for six years now, we've built up a certain amount of institutional experience and memory, which is well represented in the people who have graduated from the Affiliates Program. So our feeling was, why not look to these alumni as resources, people who can help us promote the mission and ideals of the program? At the same time, we want to give them a chance to continue building on their own management skills.

"So we believe the result of all this will be a better Affiliates Program for 2006-07, and beyond."

-Sean Smith

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