Oct. 20, 2005 • Volume 14 Number 4

Comm., English Still Tops; History, Pre-Med Strong

While communication and English majors continue to be the most plentiful at Boston College, more undergraduates than ever are majoring in history, human development and philosophy.

The recently released Student Services' annual statistical snap shot of enrollment trends at Boston College also indicates strong interest in the University's pre-med program.

In addition, BC freshmen are increasingly taking advantage of the Cornerstone Program's one-credit elective seminars [see story below].

According to Student Services, communication (953 students) and English (814) remain the most popular majors in the College of Arts and Sciences, as has been the case since the 2000-01 academic year, followed by political science (801), history (627) and biology (581). In the Lynch School of Education, human development (315) and elementary education (243) are again the most popular majors.

The numbers for human development and history are the highest in the last 25 years. Also hitting quarter-century highs in enrollment are philosophy (282), secondary education (169) and German (26). History also has the second-highest number of minors, 132, in A&S.

Meanwhile, the University's Health Professions Graduate Studies program, which prepares students for medical, dental and veterinary school, has grown from 900 enrollees five years ago to a current total of 1,231.

Other highlights of the enrollment report:

*Finance (760) and marketing (396) are the most popular majors in the Carroll School of Management, as they were last year.

*Along with history, the largest minors in A&S are International Studies (136) and Hispanic Studies (99).

*The number of undergrads in the College of Arts and Sciences is 5,908, followed by the Carroll School of Management (2,000), Lynch School of Education (753) and Connell School of Nursing (358). The Woods College of Advancing Studies enrollment is 815. Graduate students number 4,736, which combined with all part-time students brings the total University enrollment to 14,570.

*BC undergraduates come from 49 states (South Dakota is the only unrepresented state), with 48 students from Puerto Rico and two from Guam. The undergraduate population includes 163 international students.

-Stephen Gawlik

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