Nov. 3, 2005 • Volume 14 Number 5


"It's pretty obvious that her nomination was in peril for a variety of reasons, and this fight over executive privilege is a good cover and allows her to duck out gracefully." Asst. Prof. Mary-Rose Papandrea (Law), on President Bush's citing of executive privilege as the reason for not turning over more information on Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers, Boston Globe

"One thing about the Jesuits: It's like a family here. That's what's nice, because I've never made a move where family wasn't the priority." BC Head Football Coach Tom O’Brien, Daily Press (Va.)

"I think the life of a priest needs to be both a wonderful sacrament and a holy reality, and at the same time a life of service and humility. Those two need to go together --— being humble and service-oriented, and at the same time valued as a gift to the church." Rev. Stephen J. Rossetti, MA '90, PhD '94, author of The Joy of Priesthood, interviewed about his research on morale and job satisfaction among priests, Toledo Blade

"Maybe the Communists of the 1950s were not under every bed or in every State Department closet. But neither were they trick-or-treaters in black pointy hats. Some witches are real." College of Arts and Sciences Honors Program faculty member Martha Bayles, reviewing the film “"Good Night and Good Luck,"” The Weekly Standard

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