May 25, 2006 • Volume 14 Number 18

Web Site Redesign, New Publishing Tool in the Works

Boston College's Web site will undergo a major overhaul beginning this summer which, when completed, will present a more attractive design that also will enable users to more easily navigate between pages.

At the same time, a new Web publishing tool will be offered to BC site owners that will make it easier for them to manage their sites.

The redesign began more than a year ago when the Office of Marketing Communications began an extensive review of Web sites of more than 50 of US News top-ranked universities. The review concluded that while the content of the University's Web pages "reflects BC and it programs and constituents well," said OMC Deputy Director Hallie Sammartino, "the site's organizational and navigational aspects needed to be updated."

An added impetus for the redesign was the addition in recent years of special features and programs to the BC Web, such as the University Calendar and multimedia Web sites like Front Row and @BC, as well as updates to the graphic identity system that have incorporated lighter tones of maroon and gold.

"The chief goal of the redesign is to enable visitors to reach destinations on our Web site as efficiently as possible," said Sammartino, "while keeping the content fresh and the design in line with our graphic standards."

Concurrently, Information Technology Services began to assess new Web publishing tools that would make Web site design and maintenance easier for BC's site owners. After a review of several products, the Web Publishing Committee selected Serena Collage as the best option, according to IT Web Support Manager Scott Olivieri.

Working in close collaboration on both projects, OMC and ITS decided to coordinate the redesign with the rollout of Collage, and have identified 12 top-level sites have been identified for the first phase of implementation, which is anticipated by the end of August.

The team hopes to have the entire BC site moved into the redesign by 2007, according to Olivieri and Sammartino, and will be contacting departments in the summer and fall to train them in Collage and help them migrate their sites.

-Office of Public Affairs

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