May 25, 2006 • Volume 14 Number 18

Carney Renovations Almost Complete

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing system improvements, new window treatments, fresh paint and new ceilings and flooring highlight a Carney Hall renovation project nearing completion.

The 43-year old building underwent the improvements earlier this year after reports of water leaks and cosmetic problems in some parts of the building. An investigation by the University's Facilities Management division determined that the building was in need of some minor repair work.

"We realized there were a few things we had to change in there and we've made a number of improvements," said Quality Assurance Manager Dan Roderick in a recent tour of the building.

Facilities administrators said many of the problems were caused by a few leaks in the building's plumbing HVAC and exterior shell that went unnoticed and unreported over a number of months or years.

"We definitely have to do a better job of gaining access to areas of the building where people might not be noticing these problems and addressing them before they become problematic," said Roderick.

He identified the lack of ventilation in some of the lavatories - which has since been addressed - as a key problem in Carney.

"There are some problems that you don't notice if you've worked in the building for a number of years," he said. "So we put a fresh set of eyes and ears in there and took care of a number of different issues."

Among the improvements in Carney is the hallway on the first level, once a dimly lit, drab area for some BC offices, and now boasting fresh paint, improved lighting and a new floor. The stairways in the building have been refitted with new surfaces as well.

"It has been a remarkable change," said Roderick. "Going forward we still have some work to do, but we've made a lot of good changes here."

Carney is home to the Boston College Mathematics and English departments, as well as Eagle Print Services, BC Student Agencies and other offices.

-Stephen Gawlik

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