May 11, 2006 • Volume 14 Number 17

Freshman Joe Turnage had no idea he would receive so much attention when he helped a struggling runner complete the Boston Marathon on Patriots' Day.

But accounts of the Dallas native's assistance to Kim Aarden of Hopkinton, a first-time marathoner who was running to raise money for multiple sclerosis, appeared in the media throughout New England.

Aarden had started to tire near the top of Heartbreak Hill when Turnage jumped onto Commonwealth Avenue and began running alongside her, coaxing her to the finish line in Copley Square. Turnage then disappeared into the crowd, and Aarden began trying to find the man she referred to as "Miracle Joe."

The two were reunited on April 26 when MetroWest Daily News columnist Lenny Megliola arranged to have a photo of the pair taken on the BC campus.

"It's odd to get all this attention. I didn't think what I did was a big deal," Turnage told Megliola.

Megliola, who is his paper's leading sports columnist, wasn't as blase as Turnage. "To me, this is a great story. You couldn't make it up."

-Reid Oslin

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