May 11, 2006 • Volume 14 Number 17

No Summer Vacation for Energy Conservation

The arrival of the summer months won't mean the end of Boston College's efforts to cut down on wasted energy. University administrators ask that members of the BC community monitor and manage use of air conditioning, among other energy conservation measures for warm-weather months.

Tips to help BC conserve:

-Close drapes and blinds to keep out direct sunlight during the day.

-Keep windows closed during the heat of the day.

-Set air conditioner thermostats only as high as is comfortable in the summer.

-Turn the air conditioner off 30 minutes before you leave.

-Don't set your thermostat at a colder setting than normal when you turn on your air conditioner. It will not cool any faster.

-Limit the opening of refrigerators.

-Use a toaster-oven, or small microwave, when cooking small to moderately sized meals.

-Please continue to turn off lights and appliances (not computers) when you leave a room and unplug chargers when not in use.

For additional energy-saving tips, visit Also, anyone who has a practical idea for conserving energy should contact Utilities Manager Deirdre Manning at

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